The Soydoy Foundation has volunteering program for several activities and profiles.

Our needs are distributed among the several working areas of the Foundation: Administrative procedures, with subjects like human management, management indicators, finances, and projects. Food production, we need support in process improvement, training personnel on new production techniques, waste management, regulations compliance, packing design, and packing materials.

Regarding the children we serve, we need recreational workshops for their entertainment, development and learning.

Lastly, training on nutritional programs for women heads of family, community leaders and operational personnel, is one of the areas for time donation.  Some of the subjects needed are: Life plan, finances, business plan creation, marketing, good food handling practices, among others.

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, please send an e-mail to: direccion@soydoy.org and tell us your subject of interest and contact information. We will contact you soon.