About Us

Soydoy is a social non-profit company, where we develop sustainable projects to improve the nutritional well-being of children in Colombia.

We support different communities that wish to improve the nutrition of the population under its influence by means of nutrition and entrepreneurship, NUTRIPRENEURSHIP programs.

To achieve this goal:

  1. We conduct studies to identify the communities in need and the proper leaders or institutions to develop and obtain the project.
  2. We deliver technical food processing equipment to those entities that meet the requirements demanded and ensure the functioning of the nutritional program and the microenterprise.
  3. We train the members of the beneficiary community, the children as well as their parents or caregivers in topics regarding preparation, marketing, and handling of foods, among others.
  4. We work in coordination with the community to look after a proper medical attention for the beneficiaries of the project.
  5. We monitor and verify the functioning of the Nutritional Program on regular basis during 2 years.

The programs and projects that we develop aim to support the vulnerable and organized communities suffering from high undernutrition rates, which are strengthened by empowering the beneficiaries and promoting environmental awareness, and economic and social development. For that, Soÿdoÿ delivers food production equipment, which facilitates the preparation of nutritional complements for boys, girls, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with disabilities and elderly adults.

These equipment promote the creation of microenterprises, which support the development of each community and ensure the projects’ sustainability. At the same time, they allow to create in each of the geographical regions an alternative adapted to their culture, the availability of typical local foods used to prepare the nutritional complements.

Nowdays, we work in 5 Departments of Colombia and we are looking forward to supporting the entire national territory with sustainable projects.