Liceo Integrado de Zipaquira, facturacinó.


Nutripreneurship located in the Zipaquira municipality in the Cundinamarca department.

Nutripreneurship financed by the Refisal Foundation

Poverty and undernutrition:

–   Chronic undernutrition: Colombia 13.2%  –  Zipaquirá 9.59%   (WWW.ZIPAQUIRA.GOV.CO)

The Liceo Integrado de Zipaquira is one of the Public Schools of Zipaquira with the largest concentration of students.   Part of the social characteristics of these children and their families is to belong to large families of 4 and 5 kids, a high percentage of female-headed households, who struggle to support their children.   Parents working in the building, cleaning, sales, transportation sectors, etc.

They are young people who watch their families fighting every day to reach their goals and to have the minimum living conditions.

There is a research team inside the School that over the years has developed products like potato beer (awarded by Bavaria, the Cundinamarca Governorate, among others), lotions based on native flowers from the zone, perfumes, among others.   This research team is comprised of grades 9 – 11 students and their prioritary interest is learning through experimentation, and also the utilization of native products from the region.

In year 2014 Soydoy comes to this group of entrepreneurs and researchers, along with the Refisal Foundation, with the intention of establishing a Nutripreneurship.   In year 2015, after a series of diagnostic works and trainings, the Nutripreneurship starts with 24 young students, they receive equipment on a loan for use modality. Among this equipment there is a soy processing plant, bakery devices and provisions for food preparation and serving children.  Each afternoon, after their regular classes, the youngsters process soybeans in their bakery and make foods to be delivered to their younger fellow students in the elementary facilities.   Initially, 150 children between the ages of 6 and 10 years have been selected, they are underweight and with a high risk of undernutrition.

This is a Nutripreneurship where no only the older students benefit from knowledge and practice, but there is true social work with the implementation of the enterprise in favor of their own fellos students.


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