El Castillo. Barrio El Codito, Bogotá


Attention center located in the north-eastern zone of Bogota, Colombian capital city.

Poverty and undernutrition:

  • Poverty:   Colombia 27.8%   –   Bogotá  10.4%   (DANE 2016)
  • Dire poverty: Colombia 7.9%  –   Bogotá  2%  (DANE 2016)
  • Chronic undernutrition: Colombia 13.2%  –  Bogotá 16.4%   (ENSIN 2010)
  • Unemployment January 2016:  Colombia 11.9%  –  Bogotá  10.7%   (DANE 2016)

Soydoy has an Attention Center where a population of 290 children between the ages of 2 and 14 years old are served under the Alimentary Encounters modality. Additionally, 43 elderly adults are served.

The sessions take place in the mornings and afternoons, during hours opposed to school schedules. During this time, the elderly and 30% of the children visit our facilities, the remaining 70% of the children are served at their schools or nursery schools.

The attention given consists in the delivery of a light meal with a nutritional value equivalent to 20 to 25% of the total daily required caloric value, and the conduction of recreational activities where games, books, arts, theatre plays, magic, etc., are used to teach subjects related to healthy eating, values, school reinforcement and citizen competencies.

During the year, health care is provided through professional volunteers in the areas such as eye care, general medicine or oral health.

Most important indicators:

  • 9% of the children served by Soydoy suffer from stunting
  • 8% of the children served by Soydoy are in risk of being underweight or having short stature
  • 06% have severe growth retardation
  • 4% of the children served by Soydoy suffer from overall undernutrition
  • 57% of the children suffer from vulnerabilities in their own homes, such as mistreatment, abuse, abandonment, among others.
  • During year 2015 the program had a retention of 72% of the children and a 68% of attendance

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