Businchama (Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta)


Nutripreneurship sponsored by Meals Solidario and the Populorum Progressio Foundation.

Nutripreneurship located in Businchama in the department of Cesar.  It belongs to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and its population is the Arhuaca community.

Poverty and undernutrition:

  • Poverty:   Colombia 27.8%   (DANE 2016)
  • Dire poverty: Colombia 7.9% (DANE 2016)
  • Chronic undernutrition: Colombia 13.2% –  Businchama 16% (SOYDOY Assessment)

The population is predominantly an agricultural community, where in 75% of the cases the heads of the household are men and 50% of them with an elementary educational level. The family units are comprised by an average of 7 people, among which are two grandparents, a father, a mother and 3 children. There is a general lack of financial resources, their little income comes from agricultural production (Information obtained from a social and nutritional assessment conducted by Soydoy).

Our program in Businchama is developed along with the community and its leaders, Soydoy delivers knowledge tools and materials for their development.   This program consists of two working areas: agricultural development and food processing.  They have received a soy processing plant, cookware to prepare several recipes, and also seeds, seedlings, organic fertilisers and other materials required to plant food such tomatoes, lettuces, onions, celery, bell peppers, soy, broccoli, parsley and coriander.

The purpose of this programe is to reach economic sustainability through the exchange of the food planted by each family using the implements delivered with the nutritional community program, which delivers food to be transformed and prepared.  A portion of the agricultural production goes into the family’s domestic consumption and another part goes to the community programs.

Most important indicators:

  • 16% of the beneficiaries served by Soydoy suffer from stunting
  • 19% of the beneficiaries served by Soydoy are in risk of being underweight or having short stature
  • 16% have severe growth retardation

This project is developed in partnership with the Salva Terra Foundation.


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